Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 2 Recap...

I apologize to all my loyal followers, ha, ha, (Thank you Sarah & Drew!) for not posting over the last ten days! I started to feel like my updates were being forced, and after all, this is suppose to be fun. So, I took a little break, and decided that instead of forcing myself to post everyday, I would wait until I actually felt like I had something to say. That being said, I really have missed posting, and I don't think I will wait quite as long before my next post again. I did try to post a couple of times throughout the week, but, well, it didn't happen.  So, here goes! 

My last post was from Day 8 of my money saving challenge. Day 9, I went to a country music concert.  It was my first one, and because I have vowed to myself to try new things recently, I decided to go, after all the tickets were free! Well, I didn't find any money lying around on the floor like I had hoped but, I truly did have a great time. I would even, dare I say, go again?! Yes, I would!

Other than that, things around here were pretty quiet this past week. I had a lovely weekend, as usual. The weather was good, a little cool and damp, but it is to be expected this time of year. We also did some visiting with the family. I cooked a lot. Since groceries are the only thing I can buy, I have been making a lot of new recipes, and since the weather has been a bit cooler, it is a great time to use the oven. I have already broke out the crock pot too! Chicken noodle soup, Shepard's pie and pumpkin mac & cheese just to name a few. My next blog may be about food. I really enjoy cooking, and baking. This challenge has allowed me to spend more time at home, which has definitely turned in to me cooking a lot more.

And now, another glorious weekend has arrived. I hope the weather will be great, and we can spend some time outdoors in this fabulous, fall setting. I just started the crock pot again this morning with a whole roasting chicken, carrots, potatoes, and seasoned it with rosemary, thyme, and sage. Yum, dinner at six :)

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